WELCOME, I’m so excited and humbled to have you here! This is my first blog post and I will be honest…I’m terrified. I’m not usually one to put myself out there but here I am. Why am I doing this? I ask myself as my heart races which is making my hands shake while I type.

The quick, short answer: I want to give back! (and you can too just by simply reading my blog)

The long answer: Everyone has their own reasons for starting a blog. Mine came when I started thinking how there’s so much free information on the Internet, whether it was articles, reviews, how-to videos, but I couldn’t figure out a way to give back. With my travel schedule I couldn’t get involved with charities or my local community physically (because I’m not there). So I thought there has to be a way.

Then I realized what I can do is give my time digitally. Instead of just being an Internet-taker I decided I want to be an Internet-giver! I’m here to pay it forward and provide advice and information. PLUS proceeds made by clicks on my blog will be donated to charities that help women as my way of giving back (in addition to paying it forward to the online community). It does not cost you anything extra and you will be indirectly helping so many lives!

And with that, Marilyn on a Mission was born. The world is already so complicated and I’m trying to bring things back to the basics. My mission is to make things easier for you by outlining my learnings and walking you through the basics to help get you there quicker and without making all of the mistakes I did. I will also be learning new things myself in the process that I will pass on to you.

Thank you for coming on this journey with me! If I can help even just one person then I will feel like my mission was accomplished. If you have something you’d like to see, please be sure to let me know in the comments. I hope you enjoy the tips and articles to come and that they help make your life a bit easier and simpler.

Hugs & Gratitude,