Learning to cook without cooking Knife on cutting board

Learning to Cook without Cooking

My initial tip to get started in the kitchen is to not start with a stove or oven. It was too intimidating for me. Start with a knife and cutting board. Yep, I’m talking about learning to cook without even cooking at all! This was my first step in feeling comfortable in the kitchen in the first place. And after having had my hilarious traumatizing experiences, I needed to slowly ease back in to the kitchen.

Begin with things that don’t require heat (unless it’s the microwave). Salads are an obvious way to start making meals for yourself and here are a few more (healthy) ideas to get you going:

Peanut Butter and Fruit Sandwiches

Ingredients: 2 slices of whole wheat bread (toasted or untoasted), organic peanut butter, organic fresh blueberries

1) Spread peanut butter on bread (either one or both slices).
2) Top with blueberries.
3) Put other slice of bread on top.
4) Eat and enjoy!

Many people call this the “Job Sandwich” (named after my husband). He hates sugar-filled jelly so he subbed in fresh fruit instead. DELICIOUS!

Avocado Toast

Ingredients: 2 slices of whole wheat bread, 1 avocado, tomato slices, red chili flakes, cilantro

1) Toast bread.
2) Slice 2 pieces of tomato put them on top of each toast.
3) Thinly slice avocado and put on top of tomato.
4) Shake some red chili flakes for some spice and garnish with cilantro.
5) Squeeze some lime juice for an extra kick. YUM!

This isn’t just trendy it’s also delicious and nutritious!

Turkey Wraps

Ingredients: whole wheat tortilla, deli turkey, lettuce, tomato, spicy mustard, cheese (all ingredients are optional – include anything you like!)

1) Take all ingredients and lay on top of tortilla.
2) Roll tortilla shut and enjoy!

These are simple to make. Take all ingredients and insert to a tortilla. Roll tortilla shut and enjoy!


Ingredients: soup

1) Drive to the grocery store and purchase any boxed or canned soup that you like.
2) When you get home, open box or can and pour into a bowl.
3) Read the box/can to see if you need to add water and then place in microwave to heat up according to instructions.
4) Be careful removing bowl from microwave, it will be hot! It’s probably best to let sit for a few minutes prior to eating.

If you’re craving something warm, soups are the way to go. Tomato is one of my favs!


Ingredients: chicken, beef or any other type of meat

1) Drive to store and purchase pre-made, pre-cooked meat.
2) Cut it up and top it on a salad or bed of grains like quinoa or rice. Can (re)heat it up in the microwave.


I do eat meat but am still terrified of the stove. To get around that fear, but still satisfy my craving, I will go to a store (like Whole Foods or Costco) and order pre-made, pre-cooked meat.

I hope these small tips will get you into the kitchen. More to come as I learn to cook on the stove and even create things in the oven (without melting it!). What other non-cook food items do you make?

Hugs & Gratitude,

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